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Founder's Brief Biography

I Moulavi, A. R. Fareedudeen Alim Mahzhari M.A., the present sole spiritual healer and founder of the Quadiriya Divine Centre, writing a brief biography regarding my service to humanity through my spiritual healing centre.

My parents taught me clearly about the basic pillars of Islam; 5 Kalima, Prayer ( Namaz ), Fasting in the duration of Ramazan, Zakath & Hajj. When I completed my school studies at the age of 16 years. by the advice of my father I decided to study Islamic religious theology and Shariat law (Alim Moulavi Course for 7 years).

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This Is Our Treatment Method

You may be well aware that there are many kinds of spiritual healing. In that aspect, we are providing solutions to all types of problems by capitalizing on the incomparable guidance given by our forefathers along with the divine verses, the divine messengers (Mu’akkalat) reflected in the Beautiful names of Allah and the prayer called ‘Dua’.

On the contrary, we never use the help of jinn, shaitan, or evil spirit to endanger our basic ideology.

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Policy And Procedure

We are Sunni Muslims. We worship the almighty Allah alone and we follow the last prophet our beloved Muhammad (Peace be upon him). We also believe all the messengers and prophets of Allah.

We love and revere the Awliya (Islamic saints buried in Dargas). We accept and follow the principles of Islamic Shariah laid down by four imams i.e. four schools of thought -Hanafi, Shafi, Maaliki and Hanbali-. We also confirm that the Wahhabis are against the basic tenets of Islam.

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Apt Knowledge And Adequate Experience Are Our Uniqueness

As i hold the Moulavi Aalim (Islamic Scholar) degree and a Masters Degree in Arabic Language from the University of Madras, I am well versed in Arabic, English, Urdu, Persian and obviously our mother tongue Tamil.

By the grace of the Almighty, we have thoroughly studied and researched this holy knowledge found in these languages in the ancient texts ​​and solved thousands of problems using the procedures described in those texts.

It is normally not easy to find properly educated people in this field and it’s really rare to find someone with such a higher education and experience. That’s our USP and speciality.

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Special Monitoring Until Complete Healing

We challenge that any chronic illness abandoned by the doctors can be cured by us.

We have been successful in treating the early stage cancers especially breast cancer, skin cancer and throat cancer without the help of any chemical substances.

A special monitoring committee will be set up to monitor the patients until their illness is completely cured.

That team will visit the patients both in the morning and evening to find out how their health is improving and do the spiritual healing process that needs to be done enthusiastically.

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Understanding The Cause Very Accurately

All kinds of problems like witchcraft – blackmagic, jinn-devil, Rouhani-demon can be clearly identified and solved in the most accurate way.

At the same time, it cannot be concluded that all those who come to us seeking solutions to their problems are victims of evil, such as Shaitan, blackmagic etc.

Conversely, they could be suffering from the reasons other than that. Whatever the cause, it will be accurately identified and resolved by us.

Perhaps, when we do not have a solution, then we will suggest them with the alternative solution on the humanitarian ground.

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The Secret Behind Our Success

We don’t differentiate between the people based on their backgrounds like rich, poor, known, unknown etc. but we treat all the people equally on the basis of humanity.

We show the same kind of care, kindness and consideration to all.

Anyone can contact us or visit us at any time during the working hours and share their feelings openly.

The main secret of our success is thinking of a solution to their problems, to seek the end for their sufferings, to work hard for it regardless of the time and last not least, instilling in the hearts of patients and sufferers the hope that “He is for us”.

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Simplicity And Sweetness - That's Our Greatness

Normally, those who involved in this field – especially, those who make their livelihood from this – have a unique identity for themselves.

That appearance itself will be like a mobile billboard for them.

Obviously, it will create some kind of allergy and fear among the people to go near to them.

But we are completely different in this aspect as we neither do any make ups nor decorate ourselves with any special attires.

Very simple, natural and down to the earth attitude is the silver lining in our uniqueness.

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Suggestions For Saving Human Life

“Don’t worry”! “We are there”! “Everything will be alright”! How many of us know that these are the golden words which will save the human life as first aid?

There is a famous Zen quote which says, ‘If the poisonous words can hurt the mind of others, then why not the good words can heal the pain of others”.

Good words and suggestions have more power than magic and medicines.

The people will feel as if their problems have been solved when they talk to us.

Therefore, suggestions and advices are not medicines, but feast for our souls..

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Let's Raise Humanity! Let's Save Human Lives!

For more than half a century, we have been serving traditionally, focusing only on the egalitarian idea that ‘human life is common to all, one race, one God’, overcoming the main factors in disrupting humanity, such as caste, religion and race.

All these years of our service, we didn’t earn anything monetarily except the good words like ‘He is elegant’, ‘He is trustworthy and guard our secrets’.

We always believe that this is not the field to earn money and maintain that strongly. That’s our stand.

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+91 99621 99621

+91 99621 99621


Our Successful Spiritual Healing Expeditions

There are countless challenging tasks in our spiritual healing journey. We have mentioned few of them hereunder for your knowledge.

Missing Man Got Found

My name is Sameer. We are from Kerala. Once we came to Chennai to our relative’s house at we went out for purchasing with our entire family. There we missed our aged father in the crowd. We searched for him with our level best but was not able to find him. One of our relatives told me about Q-D-C. so we planned to go and meet Usthaz. There Usthaz got my father’s name and his mother’s name.

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Severe Effect Of Black Magic

My name is Mohideen living in Chennai at Ambattur. I was admitted in the hospital as my white blood cells was hugely found less in my blood level. The Doctor gave me 37 pouch of radius blood but nothing helps the doctor were understandable confused and I felt that they are not able to find a proper solution. My In-law arranged one Hazrath to come and pray for me.

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How I Got My Consciousness?

I had a problem in my health which was an unknown issues after the multiple consultations and checkups and test taken by the doctor everyone said that there is no problem seems in my health where I was not in a consciousness. It’s all because of him.. I thank u so much sir for giving my life back without you today am nothing.

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Root Cause Found Out For Jobless

My name is Muzaffer. I am a Hard ware Engineer. Once I went to meet Hazrath of Q.D.C. with my mother as I was jobless where ever I go to ask for job I was rejected. Hazratha said to us to change the house as it was under the influence of Kamatchi Amman jinn, to which my mother didn’t accept as the house where we lived was of much facilities.

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Trembling Hand Is Cured

I was in a panic condition and suffered a lot which cannot be expressed in words. My right hand was not in a normal condition and frequent, uncontrolled trembling which was painful to the peak. In the meanwhile, my brother Mr. Karthik’s colleague named Mr. Thameem has introduced Quadiriya Divine Centre for my pathetic condition. The healer Mr. Fareed analyzed me, recited some prayers and gave word that he will make me to recover fully only after the visit of my home as per the unavoidable situation

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Lost Jewel Found

I am working as a chef in a star hotel. Very often small, small Jewels get missing from my home, but there were no sign of theft. One day a necklace went missing. I immediately made the complaint to the police. After several days the police also was not able to find out who did that. I was very upset as the value of the jewel was very high. One of my friends referred me Q-D-C.

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Chronicle Stomach Pain

My wife was regularly suffering from severe stomach pain once in a year. for almost 10 years she was suffering from the same. One day Fareed Hazrath came to our mahalla Masjid to deliver Bayan (speech) whom I said the sufferings of my wife. He gave me some holy water for my wife to drink. My wife drank the water after 30 minutes she started vomiting from then onwards she was completely cured and she never again got that kind of stomach pain in her life My wife and I are thankful to Hazrath.

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Childless Problem Solved

My wife is not able to conceive for the 2nd time, the problem is that whenever my wife get conceived. It gets aborted automatically as if planners. We were very much trouble, because medical treatment was also no helping her. Finally we met Hazrath at Q.D.C. After deep consultation with us he was able to know what the problem was. He gave some holy green water to my wife to drink regularly with empty stomach for a month (a complete cycle)

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Effect Of Jinn

I am a Hard ware Engineer. Once I went to meet Hazrath of Q.D.C. with my mother as I was jobless where ever I go to ask for job I was rejected. Hazratha said to us to change the house as it was under the influence of Kamatchi Amman jinn, to which my mother didn’t accept as the house where we lived was of much facilities. After some day my mother started to behave rudely which was quite abnormal. I was afraid, and then I called this Hazrath

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Effect Of Evil Spirit – Ruhani

I was severely suffering from a kind mental attitude because of my menstrual problem. Which lead to my divorce which ender my 12 years of married life as I was not able to have physical relation with my husband as pleaser. Some time I feel as I am walking in the air without the support of my feet. So, my mother took me to Quadiriya Divine Centre with advice from my aunt to met Movlana

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Effect Of Black Magic Through Food

One day I went to masque to receive the blessing from elders those come out after offering their prayers, as I was suffering from severe stomach pain. There I met Guruji to whom I told my suffering. He said to me that I have been feeded with some black magic thing. As I am a Christian I did not believe it but my circumstance made me to believe it .

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Obstacle In Realestate Business

have bought a land at Manali Mattur near to Chennai 10 years ago. Recently I constructed an independent house in that land to sell it, as I am doing real estate business. After lots of efforts I was not able to sell it and I started to face financial difficulties. One of my friends Mr. Hassan Bai who is very close to Moulana’s Father He advised me to go to Quadiriya Divine Centre and meet Moulana

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