My name is Godwin living in Channai at Perambur One day I went to masque to receive the blessing from elders those come out after offering their prayers, as I was suffering from severe stomach pain. There I met Guruji to whom I told my suffering. He said to me that I have been feeded with some black magic thing. As I am a Christian I did not believe it but my circumstance made me to believe it Then he came to our house and asked me to bring little amount of water he started to pray something in Arabic and blowed into the water then gave it to drink, after drinking it I felt something is coming out from my abdomen. I told my feeling again he gave more holy water to drink then finally I vomited a Vada (an edible thing) which was in black color given by my female colleegue. Then Guruji told me that it was given to me to get rid off from my working place. After that I got complete relief from it and Guruji gave me protection amulet (Taveez) even Christian I believe him cent percentage Now I am so happy and thankful to Guruji

Godwin – Perambur, Chennai

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