My name is Aysha. I am from Chennai living at Anna Nagar I was severely suffering from a kind mental attitude because of my menstrual problem. Which lead to my divorce which ender my 12 years of married life as I was not able to have physical relation with my husband as pleaser. Some time I feel as I am walking in the air without the support of my feet. So, my mother took me to Quadiriya Divine Centre with advice from my aunt to met Movlana. He made me to sit and started to recite some Ayath from Quran. Then he found out that I was affected by a female Roohani ( dead body soul) That Roohani told Moulana that it was a married and pregnant woman who died at the time of delivery due to heavy bleeding That Roohani found me before my marriage to be suitable person where it can stay in. And because of this effect my married life was spoiled. Moulana relived me from that Roohani. I feel very much upset with my mother, if she would have taken me to Moulana before my divorce. My married life would not have been spoiled. Now I feel better physically mentally: I thank Hazrath very much.


Aysha – Anna Nagar, Chennai

Mobile No: 7339006663