My name is Ramesh. I am working as a chef in a star hotel. Very often small, small Jewels get missing from my home, but there were no sign of theft. One day a necklace went missing. I immediately made the complaint to the police. After several days the police also was not able to find out who did that. I was very upset as the value of the jewel was very high. One of my friends referred me Q-D-C. so I met Guruji there. I narrated everything which happened. After that Guruji gave me a piece of paper with something written in Arabic, and said me to place that paper in my right hand and sleep that night keeping my cheek on the right hand palm along with the same. What a great surprise that was! I had a dream that night in which I saw the person who uses to take jewels from my cupboard. That person was my close relative. I called and warned him of police action if he did not return the jewels, to which he surrendered handed me my jewels. I was completely amazed by this miracle happened by Guruji. Thank you Guruji!

Ramesh – Velachery, Chennai.

Mobile No: 9042044844