My name is Sameer. We are from Kerala. Once we came to Chennai to our relative’s house at we went out for purchasing with our entire family. There we missed our aged father in the crowd. We searched for him with our level best but was not able to find him. One of our relatives told me about Q-D-C. so we planned to go and meet Usthaz. There Usthaz got my father’s name and his mother’s name. Then he said to us to look immediately my father at a particular place he gave us a Thaaveez (Amulet) to tie it on a tree on the way of our searching for my father so we did as he commanded us. While we returned on the way I found my father sleeping in the railway station. We become so happy that there is no word to thank Fareed Usthaz.

Sameer – Palakkad, Kerala.

Mobile No: 9551447274