I‘m Kamaruddeen a driver in defense; I have bought a land at Manali Mattur near to Chennai 10 years ago. Recently I constructed an independent house in that land to sell it, as I am doing real estate business. After lots of efforts I was not able to sell it and I started to face financial difficulties. One of my friends Mr. Hassan Bai who is very close to Moulana’s Father He advised me to go to Quadiriya Divine Centre and meet Moulana. So I went to Quadiriya Divine Centre and met Moulana, He visited my new building and suggested me to perform some special prayer at mid night with his team to which I readily agreed .After performing special prayer Moulana gave me a TAVEEZ to keep inside the building and said the sale will happen within 30 days. What a surprise! The building was sold in 20 days itself. I am truly thankful to Fareed Hazrath.


Kamaruddeen – Muthamil Nagar, Kodungayur, Chennai.

Mobile No: 9444248197