My name is Muzaffer. I am a Hard ware Engineer. Once I went to meet Hazrath of Q.D.C. with my mother as I was jobless where ever I go to ask for job I was rejected. Hazratha said to us to change the house as it was under the influence of Kamatchi Amman jinn, to which my mother didn’t accept as the house where we lived was of much facilities.

After some day my mother started to behave rudely which was quite abnormal. I was afraid, and then I called this Hazrath. Who came and saw my mother and found out that she was affected by Kamatchi Amman jinn.

Hazrath spoke to the jinn that jinn told him to tell us to vacate the house immediately otherwise the consequence will be terrible. Hazrath strictly told us to vacate the house in 10 days. We did the same Now I am working in a software company as a system administrator. My mother is also fine. Thanks to Hazrath.

Muzaffer, Chennai.

Mobile: 9789269969