My name is Latha from Chennai. I faced a lot of problems in life in the early stages of Marriage. Life and time passed just like passing clouds and I am able to recover myself emotionally by seeing my daughters faces and I spent my life with them being an independent mother just like everyone. I love my daughter more than anyone in this world. Just like everyone i put my daughter in a reputed college in Chennai and she had an interest in sport i had hope she would became best in his sports just like a coin has two side my expectation went in opposite direction my daughter fallen in Love apart from this she got married to him without and i have knowledge about my daughter marriage after knowing about this my life began complete darkness and the boy was targeted only for our properties and i don’t know what to do and how can i save my daughter life.

Finally I visited my Fareed brother at QDC. He was able to read my problem accurately and provided me a solution which is fantastic and all my problems are vanished just like an ICE which is kept in direct hot sun and now me and my daughter are out of danger and leading a happy life.

I trust him always and am grateful to him for bringing remarkable changes into my life and my daughter life

Latha Chennai

Mobile: 98404 24352