My name is Ramya ! I was in a panic condition and suffered a lot which cannot be expressed in words. My right hand was not in a normal condition and frequent, uncontrolled trembling which was painful to the peak. In the meanwhile, my brother Mr. Karthik’s colleague named Mr. Thameem has introduced Quadiriya Divine Centre for my pathetic condition. The healer Mr. Fareed analyzed me, recited some prayers and gave word that he will make me to recover fully only after the visit of my home as per the unavoidable situation.

He also said, even though, if I feel that unnecessarily to come and visit our home for the healing process, he will still clear my problems without coming to my home but it will withstand only for 3 months. I agreed for that and started undergoing the healing process without visiting my home. Then again, same problem aroused because my problem was interlinked with my home where I am residing, as he said earlier. Finally, I regretted for my mistake, accepted and agreed for his course of treatment.

The remedy for my pathetic condition towards my problem was astonishing and an amazing fact. Mr. Fareed expressively said that, through some means, I will come to know, how the problem occurred. He gave FOUR BRASS NAILS to get buried in the four corners of my home. We did, as he said and went for sleep with a peaceful note.

While sleeping, in my dream, a lady with gigantic figure, asked for the apology to me and went away from my home. The next day, in my dream, the same lady with gigantic figure was trying to enter my home but she was unable to enter, since four corners of my home was surrounded by fire due to the FOUR BRASS NAILS given by Mr. Fareedh, became an obstacle to that gigantic lady, by not allowing her to re-enter into my home.

It was a terrific experience and I am not at all exaggerating anything more. Now I am completely, totally, fully, safely rescued, as he said that he will eradicate my problem once for all and will not occur further in future. I am very much grateful to Mr. Fareedh , who has returned my peaceful life by providing me atmost security throughout my life. His name is not just a name but a symbolic word which brings people’s lost smile back to their face.


May God bless him and his family forever.

Thank you…with lots of humbleness, Sir !!

Ramya – Kottur, Chennai.

Mobile: 9600127768