I’m Aysha from chennai 3Years back i had a health & mental issues and not able be myself with no presence of mind in my Life and felt restless and all of the above i spent several sleep less nights in my room and started to walk in the night as a ghost and i don’t even remember what i was doing in those days those are black out days in my life and i explained my situation to one of my relative and i was referred to Fareed at QDC.

After speaking with him initially an appointment was fixed and after complete analyzation he understood it was due to Black Magic (seivinai) which was from my Mother-In-Law and after undergoing treatment from him and now i’m completely free from all the Black Magic stuffs and now my life is back to normal.

To me he is a special person which God sent to me and he understand the person pain and always to try to remove it from their life and i pray to God to be healthy and help the people to relieve from their problems.

Aysha Chennai

Mobile: 73390 06663