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My Personal Biography

I Moulavi, A. R. Fareedudeen Alim Mahzhari M.A., the present sole spiritual healer and founder of the Quadiriya Divine Centre, writing a brief biography regarding my service to humanity through my spiritual healing centre.

My parents taught me clearly about the basic pillars of Islam; 5 Kalima, Prayer ( Namaz ), Fasting in the duration of Ramazan, Zakath & Hajj. When I completed my school studies at the age of 16 years. by the advice of my father I decided to study Islamic religious theology and Shariat law (Alim Moulavi Course for 7 years).

Path to Islamic studies

My first step towards Islamic studies started in the year 1992 after getting admission in Hisbullah Arabic College at Saidapet, Chennai. Then I studied Arabic Grammar for 2 years in age old and renowned Arabic College, Al-Bakiyathus Salihat, Vellore. Later, after getting admission in Darul Uloom Jamalia Arabic College, an internationally renowned Islamic Institution in the heart of Chennai, I studied Arabic language and writing for 3 years and finally I studied Islamic Jurisprudence and completed my Moulavi course in Mahlarathul Qadiriya Arabic College, Kayalpattinam, Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu. In order to attain perfection in Islamic studies.

I completed my Afzal-ul-Ulama an equivalent to B.A. Arabic degree from Madras University and completed my P.G. degree for Modern literature in Arabic from The New College, Chennai. During my studies, I was also studying simultaneously the spiritual healing methodology and practices from my Beloved father.


The Quadiriya Divine Centre  is rendering its service since 1963.  It was established by my beloved father late Moulana. M. Abdur Rasheed Rahmani Quadiri who was popularly known  as “Pammal Hazrath & Burma Hazrath” among the general public.

He was an eminent Islamic scholar and spiritual healer, cured in-numerable patients without spiritual healing methods without any medicine and also gave counseling to many persons to cure their mental stress, depression and agony. He rendered his service to humanity till his last breath.

My beloved father thought each and every steps of spiritual healing methods through many practical training classes and observation which he practiced regularly during his lifetime. After attaining perfection in the field of spiritual healing treatment process  from my father, I am rendering the service to humanity irrespective of caste, creed and religion among the human society since 1998.

Islamic spiritual healing and counseling is the only way which provides proper guidance, perfect healing and ultimate cure from all suffering due to witchery, black magic, evil eye, evil spirit etc. and psychological problems such as high depression, mental disorder, suicide thoughts etc. and medical problems such as wheezing, cancer, heart attack, chest pain, back bone pain, joint pain, skin burning, itching, indigestion, pimples, sleeplessness, in-activeness, very often headache, any chronicle disease, childless, irregular menses, impotency, loss in memory etc. which are a challenging task for the doctor in the present world. Business losses, impediments in business development, continuous failure in abroad job opportunity, delay in marriage, non obedience of children or in-laws, suspecting husband, husband or wife with illegal relation, unnecessary disputation etc…

I can solve all your physical, mental and spiritual problems by names of Allah and Quran verses with age old system experience from my ancestors and with the references from ancient Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Tamil and Arabu Tamil Texts.