I’m Lakshmipriya from Manapparai, which is famous for “Arisi Murukku “ being a housewife and mother of a child. suddenly I have noticed my body & soul is undergoing some changes which I couldn’t figure out what is happening in me.

Just like every woman I told to my husband & parents regarding and we have booked appointment with Neurologist and undergone Medical Treatment during those appointment timing’s I felt slightly better but when day’s passed those medicines were no use to me.

And I could feel the changes inside me were increasing day by day and all of a sudden I became restless, not able to concentrate on my daily activities and my family is worried about my situation and day keeps passing just like that with no solution.

One day we received a call from “Mr.Shakthivel ” who is practicing as a lawyer in Chennai who has taken the treatment at Quadiriya Divine Centre few years ago for the remedy of black magic. He acquired the solution for their black magic problems in Quadiriya Divine Centre a few years ago and he advised us to go to Quadiriya Divine Centre immediately and meet Mr.Fareed. Initially all our conversation was on the telephone and he told us that it was all due to “Black Magic ” and asked us to come to Chennai for one week treatment and after his treatment I was completely relieved from it and now feeling much better both physically and mentally.

I thank Mr.Fareed for removing the Black Magic in a short period of time and finding the light that is needed in my Life. One word to everyone, trust him he will bring miracles in your Life

Lakshmipriya – Manapparai

Mobile No: 98845 61331